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I've decided to open paid commissions for people.

I'm currently on a mission to get a ridiculously Epic computer so I can actually do art and video editing (my major) professionally! Which is why I'm opening commissions!

OPEN! Send me your requests!

Steps to ordering a image from me.
1. Check the availability. If slots are open, they you're in the clear, otherwise note or PM (gaiaonline) me to ask special, and see if I'm willing to bend the rules for you.
2. Note/Pm me your request and any other information necessary.
3. Pay via paypal or send out a check in the mail, and I'll start on your request.



Prices are subject to change depending on exact what you're looking for. If you're curious, you can end me a note. (Or Pm on gaiaonline)

$5 - $8
Basically a unique bit of lineart or simple sketch.
Ex: (Characters, doodles, Ref's)

Flat Colors
A colored in piece of lineart.

Lineart, colored and shaded.

With Background
An all out work of art!

Pm or note me and we'll work something out.

All payments go to via paypal. (or you can opt to send out a check via snailmail)

None at the moment

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braxybrax Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012
How much would you charge for a breedable pet line art set of tigers, with the following stages:
- male & female cub
- male & female teen
- m&f adult
- m&f elder

&& could I get a quote for lines without templating and lines with templating
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